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'Fiery Furnace' - The best hike in Arches National Park!

I love birthdays. I look at them as a wonderful opportunity to celebrate life; something not to be missed. We have an entire year to reflect on who we want to be, but birthday to me, is a day to celebrate who we are . And I am always looking for something special to do for my birthday and of those close to me. I love National Parks, outdoors, hiking and fun challenges. So, planning a trip to Arches National Park to hike outdoors in a spectacular landscape seemed like a great way to celebrate my birthday. During my research for this trip, I came across this particular hike which needed a permit and that intrigued me. And then I found out that this hike is really a maze where you have to figure your way out and there is a real possibility of getting lost! Okay, sign me up baby!! What better way to spend a birthday - than getting lost and finding yourself ;) First, let's talk permits and get that out of the way. From Spring through Fall, rangers offer guided tours to this place. You n

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