Bryce Canyon National Park a la "Fantasyland"

Bryce Canyon National Park is located in Southwestern Utah about 2 hours from Zion National Park and from Arizona-Utah border. It may not be as popular as 'Grand Canyon National Park' in Arizona or 'Arches National Park' in Utah but if you would like to be really fascinated by a place, do visit the fantasy-land i.e. Bryce Canyon National Park. It has thousands of these distinctive colorful geological structures called 'hoodoos' that are sure to create a jaw-dropping experience for you. Even if you are not remotely interested in geology, you cannot stop wondering about the formation of these mystical shapes that trigger your imagination and arouse your fascination. If you are interested to know about their formation, you can read about it here. And when you realize that water and ice are the erosive forces behind this, there is no end to your amazement. Without further delay, I will let you have a look at the pictures though they fail to capture what it is like being there and witnessing this natural wonder.

Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park

Closer look at Hoodoos
Thor's Hammer

If this place does interest you, let me tell you something else. There are several trails which allow you to get  'up close and personal' with Hoodoos. We did 'Navajo Loop' during sunset and really enjoyed it. 

Golden Sunset through Hoodoos
We wanted to be there at the 'Sunrise Point' the next morning, but couldn't get ourselves out of bed in time on that cool November morning. Btw, did I tell you that Bryce Canyon is at an altitude of 8,000 ft.? So, we only imagined how beautiful the colors would be during sunrise. If you are planning a trip to Zion & Bryce and need any inputs, feel free drop a comment.


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