My Birthday Trip!!

I love to celebrate my birthday outdoors. Whenever possible. So, I requested my dear hubby (more like demanded) to take me on a surprise trip for my birthday every year in lieu of birthday gifts. And he did take me on surprise trips to Lake Tahoe and Monument Valley for my last 2 birthdays. Both the trips were wonderful and I had lots of fun. This time too, we went on a surprise trip, however there was a difference. It was a surprise for him too! Yes, here's what happened. Since my birthday came on an odd weekday this time, my husband decided to buy me gifts instead of taking me on a trip. I, on the other hand, refused to sit at home and called my boss the day before to inform him about the leave. My creative boss suggested that me and dear hubby stay at his friend's cabin in Greer, AZ for my birthday. I jumped on the idea, my dear hubby complied and we were on the road to Greer that same evening.

Greer is a beautiful, quiet rustic mountain valley located in the White Mountains, at an elevation of 8,500 feet and within 4 hr driving distance from Phoenix. It has some of the best log cabins in Arizona set amidst tall Ponderosa Pines and quaking Aspen trees. If you are looking for a luxurious and/or relaxing weekend amidst mountains and meadows, Greer is the place to be! It is one of those towns that retained its tranquil settings even with the passage of time and reminds you that 'Small is beautiful.'

Beautiful Cabin, isn't it?

A closer look

Another one
It was late in the night when we reached Greer and we received a warm welcome into the 'Sleigh cabin'. The cabin was awesome - one of the best we have been to. At 4,600 sq. ft, it is huge and can easily accommodate 4 families. We were just lucky to have it all for ourselves, even if its only for a day. I especially loved the living room. It is beautifully decorated, complete with a fireplace and huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows through which you can see the pine trees and the snow. Just sitting in the sofa in the living room, surrounded by calm, sipping coffee and staring at the beautiful Ponderosa pines through the glass windows, we were transported to a different time and age. Few places have that power and they always remain special to you. Greer is one such place and the wonderful 'Sleigh Cabin' made that realization possible.
Welcome to the 'Sleigh Cabin'

Awesome Living Room

'Floor-to-Ceiling' glass windows
While living room was the best, the master suite is no less. It is so big that it felt like a cabin in itself. It has its own fireplace, TV, relaxing chair, Jacuzzi, an attached bathroom and everything else you would need for a luxurious and a relaxing stay. The cabin has not one but 2 such master suites along with 2 other bedrooms and huge dormitory style room for kids. It also had an entertaining room with TT table, Pool table, Air Hockey table, video games console etc. The cabin also has a huge hot tub in the front deck area. The cabin with all its beautiful and charming interior design and all the amenities is perfect for a large family or friends get-together.

Upstairs leading to the Master Suite

One half of the Master Suite - Yes, there is more!

The 'Jacuzzi' tub in the Master Suite

Vintage Oven??
After spending a relaxing morning in the cabin, we set out for a hike at the nearby 'West Fork  Trail 94'. West Fork Trail begins at Osborne Road and travels through a checkerboard of forest and meadows, lakes and springs. We spent the next 2 hours hiking in the pine forests, playing in the snow, capturing those memorable moments in our cameras and had a fulfilling day out in the nature. 

Inside the Cabin
Outside in the snow

Near Badger Pond

Hiking in the forest

We then spent the next hour touring the small town and having lunch at the 'Greer Cafe'. Post lunch, we retired to our cabin, rested a while, played some Air Hockey and then packed our bags. We reluctantly bid good bye to the cabin at 5 PM, hoping to return some day soon. 

Savoring the last few minutes in the cabin
We reached our home at 9 PM and were about to call it a day when I was surprised with a delicious Chocolate Ganache Cake and amazing food by my brother-in-law and some friends. I absolutely loved the chocolate cake! What a perfect way to celebrate one of the best birthdays I ever had!! This stands out as a very memorable birthday where my heart was filled with joy and peace and I felt truly lucky as a person. It reminded me of my birthday spent with 2 of my bestest friends in Bangalore in 2006. Pure joy!

Chocolate Ganache Cake
P.S: Did I mention that I also received beautiful gifts from my dear hubby who did not know that we would be going on this unplanned trip and thus bought several gifts to compensate...err, celebrate? That's how I got super lucky on this super awesome birthday. Thank you very much!


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