Beaches in Maui, Hawaii - My recommendations

Ofcourse, you know Hawaii is famous for its beaches. And there are so many of them. Each one is special in its own way but here are my favorite beaches in Maui :)

1. Kaanapali beach

With its beautiful sands and coral reefs, we had so much fun snorkeling on the shore at this beach. Waters are relatively calm during the mornings and I would recommend trying out snorkeling here using your own equipment at your own pace. We saw beautiful and colorful marine life here that drew us to this beach more than once, making it our most visited beach in Maui. 

2. Big Beach/Makena Beach

This beach has the most beautiful close-to-turquoise waters that we have seen in Maui. And the waters were pretty rough and the waves were strong. We had a lot of fun playing and boogie boarding on the water until one of the waves twisted my knee and I had to get out. My recommendation would be to definitely go there for a picnic but be cautious with the strong waves. We were so busy playing in the water that we did not take any pictures :(

3. Kapului Beach

For pictures like above, visit Kapului beach. It is a small beach with a small shoreline but is popular because of its picturesque nature.

4. Wai'anapanapa black sand Beach

If you ever fancied going to a black sand beach, this is the place to be. Blue waters, green trees and black shoreline make a great color combination. Don't you think so? Watching a nearby blow hole that spurts out water intermittently was fun too.

While all the wonderful beaches could keep you busy, don't forget to get on the road to Hana. Post on that coming soon :)


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