Our beloved backyard!!

I fell in love with this backyard the moment I laid my eyes on it. It was truly love at first sight. I still vividly remember standing in the balcony 12 years ago, looking at the green grass flowing into the blue lake and gasping with excitement. I couldn't believe such a lovely backyard was an option for us. I remember wanting to buy the house in that instant and feeling lucky that my husband said yes. We made an offer a day later and it was accepted 2 days later. I remember being unable to sleep the night before and being super excited when they accepted our offer. That was 12 years ago and how time flies!

Since then, I cannot count the number of times my heart melted with joy and gratitude, whenever I looked at this. Every time I sat in my balcony to read a book or to listen to music, every time I pulled my hammock onto the lawn to read while the birds sang in the background, every time I stared out from my living room while drinking coffee or listening to music, every time I stood on the edge of the lawn and stared at the fish in the water, every time I saw a turtle or a hummingbird or a sandhill crane or ducks sitting in a circle in our backyard, I thanked the Universe for letting me be here. 

We watched beautiful Arizona sunrises by the lake as the Sun painted the sky and the water golden. We saw the water glitter in the moonlight as we relished glaring at the full moon from our balcony. We saw rainbows and eclipses and enjoyed moonlit dinners.

We made beautiful memories with friends and family, while kayaking in our backyard lake.

During the 4 years I lived in Bay Area, apart from my husband and friends, I missed my backyard the most. It is one thing I truly enjoyed in a city that I did not otherwise fall in love with. Naturally, when I decided to get our 1st photo shoot to mark our 10th wedding anniversary, I chose my backyard for it. It was the perfect spot for us - the smiles say it all :)

I am also super glad that we got to celebrate my 40th birthday, my sister's and close friend's baby shower and many Diwali festivals in this lovely backyard. 


Reading a book in this beloved backyard will always be among the top 10 things I love to do or places I love to be. When we move out of this city or this house, this is what I will miss the most. It will forever occupy a special place in my heart!


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