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Our beloved backyard!!

I fell in love with this backyard the moment I laid my eyes on it. It was truly love at first sight. I still vividly remember standing in the balcony 12 years ago, looking at the green grass flowing into the blue lake and gasping with excitement. I couldn't believe such a lovely backyard was an option for us. I remember wanting to buy the house in that instant and feeling lucky that my husband said yes. We made an offer a day later and it was accepted 2 days later. I remember being unable to sleep the night before and being super excited when they accepted our offer. That was 12 years ago and how time flies! Since then, I cannot count the number of times my heart melted with joy and gratitude, whenever I looked at this. Every time I sat in my balcony to read a book or to listen to music, every time I pulled my hammock onto the lawn to read while the birds sang in the background, every time I stared out from my living room while drinking coffee or listening to music, every time I st

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