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3 fun days in Miami

I fell in love with Miami. In just 3 days, Miami managed to capture my heart and join the list of my favorite cities in the world, right along side Mumbai, New York and New Orleans. I had no idea Miami had so much to offer and  it was much more amazing than I anticipated . I knew Miami was a fun city, but I wasn't prepared for the boldness it displayed or the cultural depth it carried. I absolutely loved the vibe of the South Beach area that was blocked for pedestrians walks, the cultural charm of Little Havana, the creative display of art and ideas in Wynwood, and the breathtaking skyline view of downtown at night. I fell in love with its flavorful Cuban food and pulsating Latino music. With its wonderful sea, soft sand and warm air. With its delightful hospitality and leisurely vibe.  As soon as I landed in Miami, I headed to my hotel Majestic in South Beach area which is right opposite the warm and inviting pacific ocean. I was itching to get to the beach but first I had to go t

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