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One day in Singapore

If there is a country that is perfectly suited to spend a 12-hour layover during an intercontinental flight, it has to be Singapore! That's not to say that you couldn't spend more time there, but given its size and convenience of transport, you could get a good feel for the place in a day. And if you have a close friend living there that could act as a perfect guide, there is no reason not to add this to your stop-over itinerary immediately. I was lucky enough to meet all my close friends and family in 2022, given the privilege of remote work. I was on my way to India to celebrate my best friend's 40th birthday in December and I wanted to take this opportunity to stop in Singapore and meet another close friend and get a taste of this country. We were scheduled at arrive at 8 am and depart at 8 pm from the Changi airport, giving us 12 hours in Singapore. We met our friend around 9 am  at the Arrivals lounge and left their house around 6 pm in the evening, giving us 9 hours t

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