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Our 11th Anniversary Trip to US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands, especially St. John island, is a beach lover's paradise. It has some of the most picturesque beaches in the world with crystal clear turquoise waters and the softest of sands. We spent  5 days in a beautiful resort in St. Thomas island, just steps from the ocean and 4 days in an AirBnb in St. John island with a huge balcony facing the green hills.   We did snorkeling in the ocean during the day, read books by the beach in the evening, and walked on the soft sand in the moonlight. We sailed in a catamaran with the wind in the air and the vast blueness of the sea and sky around us. We saw green sea turtles, barracuda and several other colorful fish.  We kayaked in the mangrove lagoons and participated in crab races.  We strolled along the narrow cobblestone alleys in the colorful downtown of Charlotte Amalie and climbed the 99 steps to nowhere. We walked on roads with no footpaths or streetlights at night. We drank fresh coconut water in the mornings and several co

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