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2 blissful days in Goa, India

Goa is probably the most popular beach destination in India and I heard rave reviews about it for a long time. I finally had a chance to visit it in December of 2019, and I have to agree with everyone that went before me. Rarely does a place live up to its hype/expectations as Goa did. The fact that I was there in this beautiful beach resort with my best friend in one of the quieter corners of Goa could only have helped the matter. 

However, what was special about Goa to me were not its beaches. It wasn't the food either, though Goa does have great beaches and good food. There was something in the Goan air that is hard to describe. From the moment I sat in that taxi at the airport, I could feel a sense of calm and peace within me. We passed through several tiny villages, lush green landscapes, narrow roads and beautiful old style houses which brought back many childhood memories. It felt like Goa had something that time and technology couldn't take away. It seemed like a place …

One happening day in Hong Kong!

Do you have a 10+ hour layover in Hong Kong and wondering what you can do? A lot, I would say. We spent about 8 hours exploring the city of skyscrapers, eating great food, doing some cheap shopping and had a lot of fun. Here is an itinerary and some tips for you to make the best use of your time.

Victoria Peak:
One of the best places to get a great panoramic view of the entire Hong Kong island is the Victoria Peak. Since it is a top tourist attraction in the region, we decided to head there the first thing in the morning to beat the crowds. We took the Airport Express from the airport directly to the Hong Kong Central Station. From here, you can either take the Peak Tram, taxi or bus to the Peak. The Peak Tram is known to have long waiting lines, so we took the bus (Bus # 15) from the Central Bus Terminus which is right outside the Central Station. Central Station is huge and could be a bit confusing to navigate, so here's a blog with detailed instructions and pics on how to take th…