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Rim-to-River-and-Back Day Hike in the Grand Canyon

Planning on a rim-to-river-and-back day hike in the Grand Canyon? Here are 5 things you need for an enjoyable hike - Good weather, layered clothing, lots of food and water, decent hiking poles and great company. You can get everything you need for the hike on with the exception of the first and the last one (Who knows, Amazon may be working on the last one too ;) While there are several other precautions we took and tips I can share, the above 5 elements immensely contributed to a fun day hike. 

When you are talking about hiking ~16.5 miles for 12+hours in the canyon, handling an elevation change of ~4,500 ft twice, you better be praying for good weather on the day of the hike. We chose April 1st (for real!) as we did not want to handle the heat, and hoped it wouldn't snow. Luckily for us, the weather was gorgeous on the day, though it snowed the night before.
If you are planning to take the first shuttle of the Hiker's Express from Bright Angel Lodge, you would most …