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Day trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico

Welcome to Paradise.
Said the sign at the ferry terminal the moment we landed in Vieques. That brought a huge smile on our faces. Having been in the queue since 7 am at Fajardo terminal in Puerto Rico to get onto the 9:30 am ferry to Vieques, we were eager to get out and explore the Paradise Island. Unlike in Culebra, where we took a shuttle to Playa Flamenco and spent the whole day there, we decided the explore the Vieques Island.
Vieques is only 21 miles long and 3 miles wide but has several unspoiled beaches and hidden spots. You can surely find a beach or a spot that you will fall in love with. All you have to do is explore. Using a taxi or public van to go to a tourist spot won't do justice to the island, coz this is not a touristy place. This is a place that begs you to go wild, go free, go slow. Go for a rental. There are several options to choose from - car, jeep, SUV, scooter, bicycle, golf cart. My heart was set on a 2-wheeler. 
I like the pace of the scooter. I like the wi…