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Bryce Canyon National Park a la "Fantasyland"

Bryce Canyon National Park is located in Southwestern Utah about 2 hours from Zion National Park and from Arizona-Utah border. It may not be as popular as 'Grand Canyon National Park' in Arizona or 'Arches National Park' in Utah but if you would like to be really fascinated by a place, do visit the fantasy-land i.e. Bryce Canyon National Park. It has thousands of these distinctive colorful geological structures called 'hoodoos' that are sure to create a jaw-dropping experience for you. Even if you are not remotely interested in geology, you cannot stop wondering about the formation of these mystical shapes that trigger your imagination and arouse your fascination. If you are interested to know about their formation, you can read about it here. And when you realize that water and ice are the erosive forces behind this, there is no end to your amazement. Without further delay, I will let you have a look at the pictures though they fail to capture what it is like …

Awesome Road Trip on 'Pacific Coast Highway' - Part III

This post is the third part of our road trip along the world famous 'Pacific Coast Highway' (PCH) on the occasion of our 3rd anniversary. You can find the previous posts here and here.

On Day 5, we proceeded to Crater Lake National Park with is our final destination of the trip. Though we would visit other places on our way back, this was supposed to be the highlight of the trip, given that it is the location we chose to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary the following day. However, due to the clouds in the sky and smoke from fire in a nearby area, the lake was not as blue as I told it would be and it was a disappointment to me. Don't get me wrong, it is amazing to know how a volcanic eruption led to the formation of this lake by breaking up a mountain range. But, bring me the Blue! We managed to get some pretty pictures and then went to our cabin in Chiloquin which is about 45 minutes from there. The cabin turned out to be very nice and well furnished, though …

Awesome Road Trip on 'Pacific Coast Highway' - Part II

This post is the second part of our road trip along the world famous 'Pacific Coast Highway' (PCH) on the occasion of our 3rd anniversary. You can find the previous post here.

The fantastic drive from Morro Bay to Monterey is probably what made PCH so popular as it not only offers excellent views of the ocean but also the rocky cliffs make the scenery dramatic. Unfortunately for us, it was covered in fog for most of the time (which is the case often during summer), so we had to stop and step out to get a good view of the ocean. The drive nevertheless was very enjoyable, especially in a convertible :) We found secluded spots along the coast to explore the beach, the rocks and much more! We went to state parks such as Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Point Lobos Natural Reserve and did a bit of hiking as well. We saw several sea lions at the 'Sea Lion Point' in Point Lobos Natural Reserve which made such peculiar sounds that we mistook them for a loud noisy gr…

Our 3rd Anniversary Road Trip on 'Pacific Coast Highway' - Part I

Yay...We finally did it! A 10-day road trip along the California's 'Pacific Coast Highway' (PCH) - touted as one of the world's most spectacular drives by National Geographic - for our 3rd Anniversary. Before we began our journey on PCH, I was not sure what to expect of a road trip coz I have never been on one and my husband thought it is a demotion from our previous anniversary trips (1st one being a cruise to Bahamas and the 2nd one to Amazing Alaska). Despite our reservations, we had a great time and we both agreed that this was a perfect road trip for us, if there is one.
On our 10-day road trip, we have been to fantastic beaches, amazing forests, cool blue lakes and have done activities like camping, kayaking, hiking all of which were wonderful but if I were to name one thing that made this trip truly wonderful - it would be this 'Mustang Convertible'.

We argued whether or not to rent it and had second thoughts about it, but it was the best decision we made …