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Phoenix Day trips - Tuscon Caves, Bisbee & Tombstone

It was one of those days when everything fell perfectly into place - not just the things we planned but also things that we did not plan. And it turned into such a fulfilling, fun and a memorable day. Even after 9 years of living on and off in the state of Arizona, the place still held surprises for us. So, I wanted to share this one day fun itinerary with you all.

Most of us who live in Arizona have been to the Grand Canyon and know that water and wind are the powerful forces behind its formation. But did you know that water is also responsible for creating fascinating formations in caves and that we have several of them in Arizona? I have been to a cave in India in 2009 but it wasn't until I saw the 'Caves' episode of Planet Earth series that I realized how fascinating they are. I absolutely love the entire series but I was particularly mesmerized by this episode so much so that it brought tears to my eyes as I watched with my mouth open, the beautifully intricate formati…