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Our experience in the Bioluminescent Bay @ Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Have you ever heard about water that glows in the night on a new moon day when it is totally dark all around? Now that you have, are you not curious to know more? Well, if you are in Puerto Rico, you can actually see it too. Yes, it is a phenomenon called bioluminescence  which you can witness clearly in 6 places on this Earth and Puerto Rico is best known for being the brightest among them. 

It so happened that my husband's birthday in 2015 fell close to New Moon's Day, the time of the month when you can better experience the magic of the bioluminescence. Also, his US visa stamp on his passport expired, limiting our options to domestic travel. And my dear friend Pallavi who has visited Puerto Rico before confirmed that a trip to Puerto Rico and back is considered domestic travel for people living in the US and that she loved the rain forests there. It all seemed to come together and I could hear Puerto Rico calling. I am just so glad I listened. 

We landed in Puerto Rico on my …

Our experience at the "Hidden" Beach in Puerto Rico

It was the day of our wedding anniversary. We woke up leisurely and debated whether or not to hike up to the "hidden" beach suggested by our Airbnb host for one last round of snorkeling. We have been in Puerto Rico for about a week and visited some of the best beaches by then but the lure of a hidden beach drew us in. We packed our snorkel gear and sunscreen and set off on our little adventure. 
This is another reason I love Airbnb. You not only get to stay in a local neighborhood but also find a personal tour guide in your host, if you are willing to lend your ears. Which we did and ended up with a hand-drawn map to a nearby hidden beach. So, parking our car at the Seven Seas Beach, we walked along the shoreline for a while until we found a path through the mangroves on the left. We took the path which led us through a mangrove forest for about 20 minutes when we saw a sign for 'Playa Colora' or 'Red Beach'. 

We stopped by and found the beach to be secluded wi…