Our experience at the "Hidden" Beach in Puerto Rico

It was the day of our wedding anniversary. We woke up leisurely and debated whether or not to hike up to the "hidden" beach suggested by our Airbnb host for one last round of snorkeling. We have been in Puerto Rico for about a week and visited some of the best beaches by then but the lure of a hidden beach drew us in. We packed our snorkel gear and sunscreen and set off on our little adventure. 

This is another reason I love Airbnb. You not only get to stay in a local neighborhood but also find a personal tour guide in your host, if you are willing to lend your ears. Which we did and ended up with a hand-drawn map to a nearby hidden beach. So, parking our car at the Seven Seas Beach, we walked along the shoreline for a while until we found a path through the mangroves on the left. We took the path which led us through a mangrove forest for about 20 minutes when we saw a sign for 'Playa Colora' or 'Red Beach'. 

Walking through the 'Mangrove Forest'

Secluded Red Beach
We stopped by and found the beach to be secluded with a reddish hue to the sand, true to its name. Our host warned us that this beach has rough tides and so we proceeded further and in another 5 minutes reached 'Playa Escondida' or 'Hidden Beach.' With the exception of another family, it was all empty when we reached. Standing in the beach, we looked down and were struck by the clear waters. We could not only see the fish but also their shadows and we squealed with joy. 

Fish and their shadows in the Hidden Beach
To the far right end of the beach, we saw a small hill of rocks and proceeded towards them to begin our snorkeling. When I put on my snorkel gear and got underneath the water, I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a whole different landscape beneath the water that I could never figure out standing right there. With a thick bed of green seaweed all beneath me, it felt like floating amidst lush meadows in a surreal ocean world. Feeling ever so grateful for the opportunity, I swam around to see the colorful fish. It was when I hit upon an octopus that my heart stopped for a second and I stood straight up looking for my husband. He gently reminded me that it is all part of the sea world that we have come thus far to see. Together, we explored a bit further for a bit longer and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We, however, stayed close to the shore and went into the water only waist deep, as this beach is not safe for swimming or snorkeling due to strong currents (though it appears calm to the onlookers).

That morning while snorkeling, I fell in love with my husband all over again after 5 years of marriage. It truly is a blessing to have a partner who shares your interests and sense of adventure and I felt super lucky to have him in my life.

That evening, we went for dinner in a restaurant by the beach and enjoyed the fresh breeze in the face and fine sand under the feet and called it a day. 

Here's wishing my dear husband a Happy Anniversary. Can't wait to celebrate our next one together!


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