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2 memorable days in New York City

I love New York City. I love the energy, the vibe and the liveliness of the city. I love its stunning skyline, its vibrant Times Square, its expansive Central Park, its beautiful Brooklyn bridge and its impressive Wall Street. I enjoy its thriving restaurants, its quaint coffee shops and its delectable ice cream shops. I spent 2 days walking and cycling in the city and felt completely alive.

I started the day with breakfast at TSQ Brasserie in Times Square. It felt a bit odd to see Times Square in such a calm state. The restaurant itself had the decor of an old-fashioned diner with beautiful music playing in the background and a view of the Times Square. I loved the ambiance and enjoyed reading my book in that setting while waiting for my breakfast to arrive. The food wasn't as good as the ambiance but I still loved the place.

Then I went in search of some good coffee shop and luckily found "Bird & Branch" which makes fresh almond macadamia nut milk everyday for their …