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Zion National Park during Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving holiday is round the corner. It is always a great idea to be thankful for what we have and celebrate it with family and friends. I love the idea of having a special day dedicated for that. And that it always comes on a Thursday making it a super long weekend is a reason to love it even more.
Last Thanksgiving holiday, we were at the Zion National Park known for its incredible canyons and spectacular views. If any of you living in Phoenix haven't made plans yet for this Thanksgiving weekend, I would suggest you head there. It is a great time to visit the Park and enjoy all the hikes without having to worry about the burning sun or the melting snow. The weather is perfect, all you need is a jacket, there are less crowds and you can drive through the Park. (During the summer, you are required to take the mandatory shuttles to various stops due to the crowd. Check the nps website for more information on this.)
Close to the Southern entrance of the Park is a small town calle…

My Birthday Trip!!

I love to celebrate my birthday outdoors. Whenever possible. So, I requested my dear hubby (more like demanded) to take me on a surprise trip for my birthday every year in lieu of birthday gifts. And he did take me on surprise trips to Lake Tahoe and Monument Valley for my last 2 birthdays. Both the trips were wonderful and I had lots of fun. This time too, we went on a surprise trip, however there was a difference. It was a surprise for him too! Yes, here's what happened. Since my birthday came on an odd weekday this time, my husband decided to buy me gifts instead of taking me on a trip. I, on the other hand, refused to sit at home and called my boss the day before to inform him about the leave. My creative boss suggested that me and dear hubby stay at his friend's cabin in Greer, AZ for my birthday. I jumped on the idea, my dear hubby complied and we were on the road to Greer that same evening.
Greer is a beautiful, quiet rustic mountain valley located in the White Mountains…