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Kauai eats - From food trucks to beach restaurants

We went to Kauai to celebrate our 8th anniversary and my husband's birthday and it was wonderful. We woke up to the views of sunrise on the beach every morning as the birds sang and slept to the sound of the waves and cool ocean breeze every night. With Pacific Ocean as our front yard and books & coffee for company, it was my dream vacation spot. Our condo came equipped with a full kitchen which enabled us to whip up delicious meals without having to step out. But whenever we did venture out, Kauai delighted us with its foodand we wanted to share some of those finds with you.
We started our trip by celebrating my husband's birthday at the "Beach House Restaurant" in Kauai. The food was great, service was awesome and the views were fantastic. We would definitely recommend this restaurant for any occasion. Try it out for lunch, if you find the dinner menu expensive.

We continued our celebrations later in the evening at "Garden Island Grille" in Koloa after …

Amazing hikes in Kauai - The hiker's paradise of Hawaii

Kauai is a hiker's paradise. It not only has the Kalalau Trail along NaPali coast, which is known as 'The Ultimate Hike' in all of Hawaii, but several other fascinating hikes with fantastic views. We went to Kauai for a week in August to celebrate our 8th anniversary and my husband's birthday. Unfortunately, the Kalalau Trail was closed due to flooding since April of this year, but we did some pretty amazing hikes during our trip. Some on the mountains, some near the canyons, some amidst the swamps, some in the rain forests, some along the beach and some to get to the beach - each was unique and all of them were interesting and rewarding. For more details, read on.

1) Best Views - Nounou Mountain West Trail:

If there is only one hike you could do in Kauai other than Kalalau Trail, this should be it. It is less than 4 miles round-trip and has the grandest views of Kauai. The 360 degree views were so incredible that I found myself exclaiming, "Sh**, we could see the w…