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Rocky Point, Mexico

Beyond Expectations!! Before you get your hopes too high, let me quickly clarify that we went there with little expectation. What could be very nice, we thought, about a small Mexican city 60 miles from the US border. Little did we know that it would turn out to be one of the most relaxing and fun holidays we ever had without a lot of planning involved!

Known as "Puerto Penasco" in Spanish and "Rocky Point" in English, it is nicknamed as "Arizona's beach" as it is the closest beach to major cities in AZ including Phoenix and Tuscon. It does not have turquoise blue waters or coral pink sands but it does have an interesting tidal phenomenon especially during new moon or full moon days. We happened to go there on a full moon day, luckily for us, and witnessed the high tides in the afternoon (absolutely loved them!) and the water receding by more than 200 meters when we got up the next day morning, leaving exposed a new tract of land covered with numerous …