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San Diego - The fun city

It may not top the list of best places, but it definitely has it all. Decent beaches, green hills, vineyards, lots of pubs  and a pleasant weather to top it all. We spent the last 3 days of 2011 including the New Year's eve in San Diego and it was fun.
For people visiting San Diego for the first time, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Legoland (if they have kids) are usually on the list of things to see. We, instead, on our first trip decided to avoid these and go around the city to get a feel of it (U know what I mean, right). So, after reaching San Diego in the evening, we first went to the historically important Whaley house, touted as the number one most haunted house in the US according to the Travel Channel's America's Most Haunted. I liked the dramatic style of the lady who narrated the mysterious story of the old Whaley house while taking us through a small tour of the house and the accompanying kids among the audience who seemed so fascinated by the house as to be visiting…