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Bay Area Day Trips - Best Berry & Cherry Picking in Summer

One of our summer rituals since moving to California is to go fruit picking in the months of May & June.  The joy of picking a bright red cherry or a juicy berry from the tree or a bush and letting it go straight into your mouth cannot be explained. It must be tasted. And you will surprise yourself with how many fruits you can eat in a day! 
We especially enjoy strawberry picking and cherry picking. This year we also added blueberry picking to our list. If you haven't been to a fruit picking farm before, remember to wear comfortable shoes and take a hat with you.
The following are the farms we typically visit. They are organized and have reasonable prices. Though they may not be organic certified, they use responsible pest management solutions and we love the taste of their fruits. You can go straight to the field, park near the dust parking lot, get a container from the little stand, pick to your heart's content (of course, you will taste them as you pick) and pay by pound …

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