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Top travel moments of my life - Part I

It all began with a tryst with the clouds on a hill top in 2005, on my first hike in the outskirts of Mumbai in India. I have been fortunate to travel and hike to some wonderful places since then. I made a list of my top travel moments in the last 15 years, moments that bring so much joy and make life worth living, to me. 1) Alaska: Climbing Matanuska Glacier and coming face-to-face with its cool blue glistening ice while hanging in a crevasse was a moment of awe, not only because it was immensely pure and beautiful but also because it was one of those things that would fall in the I-never-thought-I-could-do-this bucket. Sea Kayaking in Aialik Bay amidst glaciers, beaches and wildlife, for 3 days was one of those Isn't-this-how-you-ought-to-live-life experiences, where my mind and body were fully alive and present like no other time. Walking along the picturesque Savage River Trail located between the mountains, next to the flowing river in Denali National Park on a sunny afternoon

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