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One interesting day in Petrified Forest National Park, AZ

I love the National Parks in the US. They truly are a treasure of this Nation and I am always grateful for the opportunity to visit one of them. We have been to 28 National Parks in the US so far and while we love some more than the others, each of them has something unique about themselves. In Feb 2021, we had the opportunity to visit Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona and I was amazed how little I knew about this treasure which is less than 4 hours from where I live. We entered the National Park from its southern entrance and our first stop was at the Crystal Forest Trail. It is only a 0.75 mile trail with an amazing collection of petrified wood logs, which are "wood turned to stone" over millions of years through petrification, and I just couldn't believe my eyes. The process of petrification, where silica enriched groundwater percolates through buried logs, replacing the organic molecules in the wood, and creating a replica in quartz over millions of years, is

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