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A hike to the Peak of El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico

I never knew rain forests could be so breathtakingly beautiful before I stepped into El Yunque rain forest (pronounced el-ZHUN-kay) in Puerto Rico. I have never been on a hike that was more rewarding than the hike to the peak of El Yunque rain forest. I never realized how magical an experience a rain forest could create with its own climate until we took the El Yunque trail to the Peak. 
Puerto Rico may have the world's best beaches or bio luminescent bays or World Heritage sites, but it was its rain forest that pulled at my heart strings. I gasped with excitement when I saw it play hide-and-seek, jumped with joy when we made it to the Peak, and couldn't believe my eyes when we saw the entire island from the top in all its blues and greens.
I can't recommend enough the El Yunque trail which takes you to the Peak through tall palm trees, short fern trees, and several other flora and fauna the names of which I do not know, but each play their role in creating the rain forest t…

Our trip to Culebra (Playa Flamenco), Puerto Rico

If a beach consistently ranks among the top 10 best beaches of the world (in TripAdvisor and several popular travel blogs), you would be tempted to see what the fuss is all about, no? No wonder when we planned our5th Anniversary trip to Puerto Rico, spending a day at Playa Flamenco in Culebra island, located 20 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico was firmly on our list of must-do things.
So, the day after we landed in Puerto Rico, we got up early morning (yes, that's what we end up doing on most holiday trips), packed our beach bags and snorkeling gear and set off to Fajardo terminal to stand in line to get tickets for the Ferry to Culebra. We heard several scary stories of people standing in lines at the Terminal since 4 AM during summer and major holidays as the Ferry is the cheapest means of transportation (about $4.50 round-trip per person) to Culebra, other expensive options being hiring a private boat or taking a flight. Since we went on a weekday in the 3rd week of August aft…

Our 5th anniversary trip to Puerto Rico

On our 5th Anniversary trip, I fell in love with my husband all over again. Such a beautiful place to fall in love! Here's Puerto Rico in my words and pics:

The land where the sun shines brighter, the sand feels softer and  the sea calm and clearer; 

The land that holds the treasures Of Bioluminescent bays and  the most beautiful rain forests ever;

The land of World Heritage Sites Charming French balconies and cute cobbled streets;

The land that brings back memories of Kayaking in the bio bays and Marveling at the pristine beaches;

How can I ever forget Hiking through the rain forests and Snorkeling together in clear waters;

Ah...Puerto Rico,  you make me look forward eagerly to our next Anniversary trip together.