Big Bear Lake, CA

If you are looking to spend your Thanksgiving vacation at a cozy cabin in Big Bear Lake, California amidst snow like we did, there are a few things you should know. First, DON'T expect snow! Well, weather reports might tell you that, but we humans always tend to have hope that it would be different this time. No, it was no different and there was no snow :( (Living in HOT Phoenix, of all the places we could drive to within 6 hour distance to find some snow, we took our chances on this place!). Now that the lack of snow is made clear, let me move on to other less important things you come to expect in a winter vacation.

Beautiful sunset by the lake
But, I must tell you that the lack of snow did not stop us from having a blast. We managed to book a cabin with a good view of the lake (more on the cabin later) and we spent most of our time enjoying both the warmth of the cabin and the cool lake view. We played cards, pool & several games, debated and discussed ideas, cooked meals, ate our fill and laughed out loud. It was a fun filled vacation which reminded me of my summer vacation times with my cousins, which are some of the best and sweetest times of my childhood days. Great friends together make Excellent vacations. Totally.

Our Crew
Coming back to the cabin, the lake view was about the only thing going for it. Otherwise, it was a below average cabin with outdated appliances and very few amenities. We can never know that from the pictures, can we? 

Lake view from the Cabin
Before you start thinking we never stepped out, let me show you some proof that we actually did. Well, the big bear lake is big (Ok, not so much) but it does not have any scenic overlooks or vista points that remind us that we need to stop by and click a photograph. Not until we circled the entire lake and were almost back at the starting point did we realize that we did not get a chance to stop anywhere. We hurriedly got out and as you guessed clicked some pictures and went back to our cozy cabin. Nothing sensational to say about the lake.

Big Bear Lake

Another thing worth mentioning is the Ski resort area called 'Snow Summit' which seemed pretty decent but was closed during that time. So, we couldn't actually tell you how it was except going by the looks.

Snow Summit - That's NOT real snow!
That's a quick round-up of our Thanksgiving vacation in Big Bear Lake. Hope you all had a fun vacation too.

P.S: Heard that Big Bear Lake is actually beautiful when it snows!!  Alas.


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