Our 6th anniversary trip to Big Island, Hawaii

Have you ever been to a totally new place that you have never been before and felt like you totally belonged there? Have you found a place that fills your heart with joy and keeps your soul at peace other than in the embrace of a loved one? I found all this and more in a place that is about 8,000 miles away from where I was born. In a totally different country and culture. In Big Island, Hawaii. Life is strange, I remind myself. 

I have to tell you that this isn't our first trip to Hawaii. Our most anticipated anniversary trip to Maui, Hawaii 2 years ago was a bit of a let down and we told everyone that we liked our anniversary trip to Puerto Rico a year ago better than that of our Maui trip. Most of them were surprised. This year however, we decided to give Hawaii another try, thanks to some immigration related issues that wouldn't allows us to do international travel with ease. We hesitated before booking our trip to Big Island, but we needn't have worried. It turned out to be the best trip of my life so far where my heart burst with joy, my mind was filled with peace and I fell in love with the place so much that I can't explain. Big Island drew me in with its dreamy rain forests and lush green valleys, scenic waterfalls and pristine beaches, dry volcanoes and fresh lava, coffee plantations and a variety of fruit trees, marine life and peaceful vibes and there seems to be no getting out. For now or forever.

Don't believe me? Close your eyes and picture this. Eating fresh white pineapple in the patio of a lovely cabin in the midst of a dreamy rain forest while it slowly drizzles outside bringing in fresh smells and cool morning air. Or sipping freshly ground coffee made from locally grown beans and reading your favorite book while listening to the magical sounds of the birds sitting on the lush green trees all around you. Love is in the air.

Do these pictures help you visualize better?

What if I told you that this lovely rain forest cabin has a driveway that left me dreaming all day, reminding me of my childhood days and making me not want to leave the place?

And that the views from the bedroom are equally awesome and totally envious? Who wouldn't want to wake up to these views and the sounds?

Have you packed your bags yet? What are you waiting for? How could you not fall in love with a place that has an airport that looks like this?

For my Indian friends - How about the lure of getting to pick your mangoes from your backyard every morning and eating all-you-can for free?

How can you even think of resisting this for breakfast?

Now, now, dear friends, we haven't yet stepped out of our house in this blog post. There is definitely more to come.

Until then,


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