My favorite city!!

You are my favorite city in the world
With air full of dreams and energy
And trains full of spirit
You gave me the gifts
of travel and writing
which to this day I cherish.

You gave me hope and joy
Taught me how to write
Showed me the best of hikes
where I had my first tryst with the clouds
And sat under the waterfalls
flowing at full force.

I did not know the language
yet you made me feel at home
I did not have much money
yet had the best of times
I only had one friend when I came
yet left with so many 2 years later.

You taught me how to move on
yet keep the human spirit alive
You taught me how to dance in the rain
And walk at night without light
You kept me company often
All the way till midnight
As I sat on my window sill
And contemplated life.

I have never seen a city
that's so active day or night
You are something special
that's so hard to describe
But when I entered the city 
in the October of 2004
I was barely 20 years old
And had no idea that I would
fall in love like never before.

How I cherish your memories
The vada pavs and kathi rolls
The Marine drive when it rains
The pregnant trains bursting with people
At the elegant Victoria Terminus
The arts and drama in the theatres
And all the lovely friends.

Oh dear Mumbai,
You made me who I am
And there are very few things in life
That are as precious are you are!


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