Camping near Lake Powell

If you are a camping enthusiast, I would suggest it be on your must-do list. If you are a first-timer like me, I would strongly urge you to do this and trust me, you will go camping again.

Wahweap Marina RV Park & Campground located on the shores of Lake Powell  in Page, AZ is what I would call a camping paradise. While an inviting beautiful blue lake surrounded by amazing red rock structures on one side and sandy shores on the other is what makes this campground special, the greenery, the picnic tables, the charcoal grills and fire rings complete the place. And if you are the only one with a tent in an RV park, you have an additional advantage of having the rest rooms all for yourself :) (We booked a partial hook-up place and got it in an RV site!). There are tons of activities too. If boating, kayaking or fishing interests you, then Lake Powell is the place for you. Or you could rent a house boat and take pleasure in the leisure and luxury of a house in the midst of a lake.

Wahweap Marina RV Park & Campground

We reached our camping ground at mid night on Friday, gazed open-mouthed at the spectacularly gleaming star-lit sky for a few minutes, then set up our tents and slipped into our sleeping bags. Amidst poking gravel, animal sounds and anxiety of camping, we hardly slept. But when we got out of our tents early the next morning, we could tell that the wonderful scenery in front of us was worth it all. We reached the lake shore and waited for the sun to rise. And what a sunrise it was! The lake shimmered, the rocks shined and we all smiled. The Sun, as I witnessed that day, brings much more than light. It brings life! After watching the most amazing sunrise of my life, the inevitable followed i.e. having breakfast. We did not have anything planned until our Upper Antelope Canyon tour that afternoon, so we went around the Glen Canyon Dam and the city of Page.

U got to experience this in real time; Photo is no good!!

I would call Upper Antelope Canyon a photographer's paradise. While you can appreciate the extraordinary rock formations with your own eye, I believe that a good camera can capture the play of the light on the rocks in better detail. By the time we finished the tour, the tiredness due to the long drive and lack of sleep from the previous night hit us and we headed back to our campground to rest for a while. On the way, we did pick up some firewood and beer from WalMart for our campfire that evening. Later in the evening, we picked up to-go burgers from McD and lit the campfire. After exchanging few horror stories at the campfire and playing 'UNO', we called it a day.

Views from inside 'Upper Antelope Canyon'
Courtesy: Our friend with the camera - Mohit Bhatia

We got up at 5 A.M the next morning to be able to witness the beauty of the first rays of light falling on the 'Horseshoe Bend'. We were at the view point before 6 A.M and thoroughly enjoyed the sight of 'Horseshoe Bend' in twilight. As for me, I fell in love with it. It felt as if I was overlooking a small beautiful island with its own ecosystem. As expected, there were few professional photographers with their equipment set and waiting for the moment. The Sun arrived and with it beautiful reflections of the rocks on the river. We stood for a while watching the rays fall on the rocks in a step-by-step fashion and then headed for breakfast. Then, we returned to our camp, packed up our tents and hit the roads heading to home.

'Horseshoe Bend' just before sunrise

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our camping trip and recommend it to anyone who could do away with few creature comforts to have an out-of-this-world experience, literally! 

P.S: There were a few things we missed during this trip like kayaking on the lake and visiting lower Antelope Canyon, but there is definitely a next time.


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