Drive to Grand Canyon in snow

If you haven't been to Grand Canyon yet, go there during the snow season. If you have already been to Grand Canyon during any other season, no problem, go again when it snows. Trust me, the drive to the Canyons is as amazing as the Grand Canyon itself. (Well, I may be exaggerating a bit, but you get the point, don't you?). Here are a couple of shots, though they don't capture it all.

No, this shot is not taken in black & white

A day later with clearer skies

And if you did make it to the Grand Canyon, my two cents. Park your car near the El Tovar Hotel located inside the park, take a walk along the trail located behind the Hotel to get your first breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon. After you think you have walked enough, take the free shuttle buses to various view points. Don't miss the Hopi point and visit Mojave point if you would like to check out the Colorado river course which apparently was a major force that led to the formation of the Grand Canyon.


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