Tips to Choose the Right Cruise Ship Cabin

Choice can, sometimes, be overwhelming! In a huge cruise ship with several decks (12-16) and various cabin options such as Inside, Outside, Balcony and Suites, it is not as easy to decide what could be the right cabin for you. There is a ton of information out there, but here are few simple yet critical tips I can give you from my Caribbean cruise experience.

1) If you are afraid of getting seasick and are looking for a stable cabin, look for lower deck cabins towards the center of the ship. There may be times when the waters are rough and the ship begins to rock, the best thing to do then would be to crawl into your bed and just sleep. That happened on only one night in our 4-night cruise and it was the hurricane season.

2) If you are worried about the noise (yes, the ship though huge can feel crowded), avoid the rooms below the pool deck and the ones close to atrium or disco bars. Pool deck is usually the topmost deck and for the rest of details, you would have to look at the deck plans (available on the cruise ship's website).

3) If you can't live in small enclosed spaces, go for rooms with balcony or suites. The inside and outside cabins tend to be very small (about 100 square feet). It does not matter much for short duration cruises of 3-7 nights, as you tend to spend most of your time elsewhere on the ship and retire to your room only to sleep. 

 4) If you want to be the first ones to get in and out of the ship, to attend some performances and parties, you might want to look for a room close to the elevators. As much fun it is on the ship, long queues are a turn-off and being located close to the elevator can help.

Note: The inside cabins do not have any view while outside cabins have an ocean view through a closed window or porthole. They are less expensive compared to balcony cabins and suites (which are larger in size). There are several open deck spaces and lounges in the ship that you wouldn't have to worry about the ocean view, really. 

Extra note: 'Obstructed view' cabins refer to those cabins whose view is obstructed by hanging lifeboats etc. They are typically discounted.


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