Duck Creek Village, Utah

Yay! We finally had a snow holiday! Yes, for someone living in Phoenix, it is a totally different experience and something to be excited about. If you remember, our last efforts to have a snow holiday at Big Bear Lake, CA during Thanksgiving didn't bear fruit. But we being a determined lot, decided to drive 7 hours all the way to Utah this time in search of thick blanket of snow. 

In Utah, we found a scenic community called Duck Creek Village, situated at 8,400 feet just off Utah scenic highway 14, close to Zion and Bryce National Parks. And in Duck Creek Village, we found a beautiful cabin called Pine Forest Lodge situated in a serene location amidst tall pine trees and tons of snow. Lounging in the patio looking at the mounds of snow with the pine trees in the background simply made my day! My eyes had their fill trying to soak in the view which is in stark contrast to the deserted look of Phoenix.

View from the Patio
There was snow everywhere. It was not only pleasing to our eyes but it was great for sledging. And we sled on the snow for hours, at different locations and from different heights. And we had lots of fun.

While the snow was definitely the highlight of the trip, equally lovely was the cabin we stayed in. The pictures below would give you a peak into the cabin while there is much more to it. If you are planning to visit both Zion and Bryce National Parks, I would definitely recommend staying in this cabin in Duck Creek Village as it is not only a beautiful cabin but also located in between both these National Parks making it a great choice. 

Great Room perfect for a large gathering

Beautiful Kitchen
We talked about the snow and the cabin, but you should also know about the 15-seater van we rented along with a trailer to carry our luggage. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I totally believe that "Great friends together make Excellent vacations." So, we decided not only to stay in the same cabin but also drive together in the same van. That made the drive itself a memorable part of the trip.

Van and the trailer

Beautiful Arizona sunset on the way
The combination of a great snow location, great cabin, and great company made it a GREAT trip overall :)


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